Let’s make your night better.
We think going out should be fun. From chowing down pancakes to knocking back shots, nothing should get between you and a good time—even paying for it. The era of messy bill splitting and waiting for your check is over. It’s time for Dash.
We’ve got big ideas. Maybe you do, too.
“This is valuable at a restaurant where waiting for the bill can be annoying, and even more important at crowded bars where placing orders and paying for them can take up much of the night.”
“No matter how great it is to spend the night out, trying to push through everyone to close your tab and figuring out how to split the bill is always a nightmare. But Dash solves these problems.”
“The app allows diners and bar-goers to pay for their bill without having to wait for a server to bring the check at a busy restaurant.”
“I think customers and restaurants alike will appreciate the fact that technology has given us a totally respectable way to dine and Dash.”